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Bust Up

Bust Up

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What it is:

Each box contains 10 bottles x 50ml. An instant drink that helps to boost bust line and maintain beautiful bust contours. An effective solution to increase cup size, defy gravity and turn back the effect of aging and after childbirth

Key ingredient(s):

  • Green Papaya Condensed Juice 2,500mg: contains rich enzymes to stimulate female hormones and breast gland, promoting breast enlargement
  • Peach Concentrate Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract 750mg: aid in breasts enhancement
  • Collagen (Fish) 500mg: supports the structure of breast shape and elasticity
  • Royal Jelly Honey 100mg: contains 17 amino acids to promote skin smoothness

Product of Singapore

Brand: Kinohimitsu

Highlight: Increase cup size, firmness and perkiness of your breasts in within. 100% natural ingredient: free of sugar, chemicals, preservatives, and hormones

Who should use: Droopy, saggy breasts after childbirth, breast-feeding, or by aging

How to use:

1 bottle each time, preferably before bedtime

Shake well before drinking

Intensive Regime: 1 bottle/ day until results are satisfied

For maintenance: 1 bottle/ every two days

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