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The History of Whoo

Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 60ml

Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 60ml

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What it is:

A refreshing watery texture cream that infuses moist water drops into skin to the fullest, making skin appear more bright, clean and transparent

Key ingredient(s):

  • Pearl Wild Ginseng : antioxidant, enhances skin nutrition, improves blood circulation, and brightens lack-lustre skin
  • Wild Chrysanthemum Water: forms a moisture protection barrier for the skin

Made in Korea

Brand: The History of Whoo

Highlight: Clinically tested. Gentle for all skin types. Boosts luminosity and evens skin tone

How to use:

Morning and night

Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth

At last stage of skincare routine, apply an appropriate amount of the product and rub hands together to generate heat and cover the face with the warm palms to enhance product absorption

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