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The Vitamin C 23 20g

The Vitamin C 23 20g

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What it is:

Antioxidant brightening booster with high performance for preventing early signs of anti-aging and improving the appearance of uneven, dull skin complexion

Key Ingredient(s):

  • 23% Vitamin C: fades acne scars & brightens complexion by blocking the synthesis of melanin caused by UV exposure
  • Tocotrienol: super vitamin E, boasts up to 50 times greater antioxidizing effect than tocopherol
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: strong moisture retention properties to maintain hydration
  • Allantoin: soothes & relieves irritation

Made in Korea 

Brand: COSRX

Highlight: Hypoallergenic 23% pure vitamin C. Improves skin conditions: large pores, dull skin, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines.

How to use:

Morning and night 

AVOID direct contact with eyes and mouth 

For morning use, please follow with a sunscreen

After cleansing, during the serum phase, shake the bottle lightly once or twice from side to side and apply a few drops to the skin. Use fingertips to gently massage and absorb the serum, starting from the inside of the face working towards the edges

*Recommended to use within 2 months of opening due to active ingredient protection.  

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