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mixsoon Centella Toner 150ml

mixsoon Centella Toner 150ml

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  • Helps soothe and repair irritated skin and also increase skin moisture promoting collagen synthesis to keep skin firm and supple.
  • Recommended for inflamed, acne-prone, damaged skin. Also recommended for dull, uneven skin tones.
  • A watery formula that absorbs quickly into the skin. Perfect use as a wipe-off toner for skin texture prep.

Key ingredient(s):

  • 100% Centella Asiatica Extract.
  • No alcohol. No artificial fragrance. Cruelty-free.

Made in Korea

Brand: mixsoon

Highlight: Gentle for all skin types. Effectively calm troubled skin. Non irritating

How to use:

mixsoon Centella Toner is suitable to use for both morning and evening skincare routines. Apply the toner after cleansing, and before essences and creams.
Recommended to use as part of the daily routine.

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