Korean Red Ginseng Bird Nest's Drink ( 75g x 6 bottle/ box)


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  • Korean Red Ginseng Bird Nest's Drink ( 75g x 6 bottle/ box)
  • Korean Red Ginseng Bird Nest's Drink ( 75g x 6 bottle/ box)
  • Korean Red Ginseng Bird Nest's Drink ( 75g x 6 bottle/ box)
  • Korean Red Ginseng Bird Nest's Drink ( 75g x 6 bottle/ box)

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Kinohimitsu Swallow Nest Drink with Korean Red Ginseng combines the highest grade quality of swallow nest with 6 year old Korean Ginseng Root.

  • Healthy
  • Promote beauty skin
  • Maintain healthy life style
  • An essential food to add nutrition for daily use
  • Tasty flavour of butterly pea flower.
  • Natural, no preservatives, no artificial sugar, no artificial color & flavour. 


Ingredients: rock sugar solution, seaweed, bird's nest, butterfly pea flower

Direction: It is ready-to-drink and can be taken chilled or warmed. Suitable for all ages

Size: 75g x 6ea/ box


Manufactured in Malaysia.

This product is produced in a GMP & HACCP certified facility in Malaysia. 


Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly Farms, Safe Work for Farmers

The Product is manufactured in Malaysia under Kinohimitsu brand for quality and consistency promised. The manufactured has its own Swiftlet farm and operating in the safe, clean, cruelty-free enviroment that protect Swiftlet Birds and benefit local famers to meet the global market.

We are  knowing that wild- or cave-harvested nests were becoming dangerously rare. Farmers do not harvest wild bird's nest due to its dangerous enviroment. 

We choose to partner with the manufactured that build its own Swiftlet farm,  so they can control the quality and provide the safe  working condition for the farmers.  The Swiftlet farm where the farmer provides safe places for bird to built their nests and  preserve their pupolation.  The farmers use sound harvesting techniques that don't harm them.

Swiftlet Farms or Bird's Nest Houses and Harvest

Bird nest houses are the places where breeding and nesting of swiftlet birds is encouraged. They are specially designed houses, which is designed for the bird to live and built their nest. The birds are given special conditions to live and breed comfortably in the nests that they make using their saliva. The saliva solidifies once it is exposed to air, and becomes the Swiftlet nest.

The swifltet birds have to be handled very delicately in the bird nest houses. The farmer  wait for the birds to build new nest so that those too can be harvested. Then, the farmers collect the Swiftlet nest from the house, without touching and harming the Birds,  and brings Swiftlet Nest to the manufactured for further processing.

According to the rules of Department of Standards Malaysia, the manufactured washes the bird nests with distilled water. Specialized tools are then used to clean every little corner of the nests from grass, feathers, and other dirts. At last, forceps are used to clean the left over outside elements. We do not use any chemicals and bleaches during the cleaning process, then the clean swallow is going into special treat of heat so that the core temperature of the bird's nest exceeded 100 degree Celsius for not less than 30 minutes.

We promise to bring the quality product to our customer.

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