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Fruity Camellia Bird's Nest

Fruity Camellia Bird's Nest

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What it is:

Each box contains 8 bottles x 75g (Peach Camellia Tea x 4 bottles & Blueberry Camellia Tea x 4 bottles). A healthy beverage to promote overall well-being. High glycoprotein in bird's nest helps boost the immune system, support aging, relieve fatigue

Key ingredient(s):

  • 100% Genuine Deluxe Quality Swiftlet Bird's Nest from Malaysia region
  • Seaweed
  • Rock sugar solution, Peach Juice, Blueberry Juice, and Camellia Sinensis Tea

Product of Singapore

Brand: Kinohimitsu

Highlight: No bleaching agents. Free of artificial flavours, artificial colours, and preservatives. Nourishes human body. Regulates digestion. Stimulates collagen synthesis to rejuvenate skin. Delicately sweet and juicy taste. Invigorates Qi. Enhances memory

How to use:

Instant drink, can be taken chilled or warmed

Suitable for all ages

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