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What it is:

Each box contains 30 capsules x 450mg. A perfectly dosed beauty supplement to promote fair and smooth skin! With nature's most powerful nutrients effortlessly seep into skin cells to ensure protection against UV rays and replenish vitamins needed by skin for a brighter complexion

Key ingredient(s):

  • Glutathione: works from inside out to lighten and eliminate spots. Promotes strong and healthy liver
  • Tomato Extract: prevents erythema caused by UV rays on skin. Boosts protection against both the short term & cumulative effect on sun exposure
  • Pomegranate Extract: contains ellagic acid to prevent melanin production

Product of Singapore

Brand: Kinohimitsu

Highlight: Brightens skin, heals sunburn skin. Lighten freckles, dark pots. Inner UV protection

Who should use: Those who have dark complexion, uneven skin tone, melasma, freckles, and post-inflammatory pigmentation (acne spot)

How to use:

1-2 capsules/ day

In the situation of pregnancy, lactating or under medications, please consult with a physician

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