Korea Ginseng Extract Everytime 10ml x 30 pouches

Cheong Kwan Jang


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100% Korean red ginseng extract is mixed with purified water and coveniently packaged in stick pouch for easy portability. Each pouch contains daily recommended dose of Korean red ginseng(3g) with all the active ingredients preserved.


[10ml x 30 pouches]

Suggested Use: Individuals 15 years and older, take 1 packet daily. Children 3-15 years may take half the adult serving.

Notice: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, keep in a cool, dry place. If pregnant, nursing, or on medication, consult your physician prior to using this product. Edges may be sharp. Do not heat pouch in the microwave. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

KGC: The Global Leader in Ginseng

The history of Korea ginseng corporation is integrated into the history of the Korean government. KGC and our Cheong-Kwan-Jang brand have a long and time-honored hundred year legacy as the leader in Korean ginseng. Exerting all possible efforts to make Cheong-Kwan-Jang Korean red ginseng into a globally-recognized and honored, KGC has established branch offices and distribution networks throughout the world.

Nước sâm 30 gói x 10ml

  • Bồi bổ sức khỏe toàn diện, tăng cường sức đề kháng của cơ thể, điều hòa quá trình trao đổi chất, giải độc tốt. tăng cường sự vận động cơ thể, tăng hiệu suất hoạt động tư duy & thể lực .
  • Giúp chống lão hóa các tế bào hệ thần kinh
  • Cải thiện trí nhớ
  • Giúp cho tinh thần tỉnh táo

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