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Cica Toner 150ml

Cica Toner 150ml

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What it is:

A toner that formulated with 7 Cica ingredients to help calm sensitive skin, aids in soothing, moisturizing and strengthening skin for a healthier and more resilient complexion

Key ingredient(s):

  •  81% of CICA-7 Complex:  provides an advanced solution for delicate, fragile skin
  • French coastal pine bark extract: relieves sensitive skin and strengthen the natural strength of the skin

Made in Korea 

Brand: COSRX

Highlight: Suitable for all skin types. Soothing, calming, strengthening, protecting skin

How to use:

Morning and night 

Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth 

After face cleansing, apply a proper amount evenly and gently pat the entire face for better absorption

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